Offers the beauty of wood shingles with the lifetime strength and energy savings of steel

Are artistically crafted to accentuate the beauty of any home

Deep grooves and lines produce a visually appealing roofing profile that will accentuate and beautify any type of home

Distinctive colors enhance the beauty of the home while technologically advanced composition reduces the infiltration of sunrays entering the home

For re-roofing or new construction needs, consider KasselShake’s Mustang Brown or Shake Gray—Energy Star qualified roofing products for beauty, strength, and federal tax incentives.

Kassel Shake is a maintenance free steel roof that will beautify and protect your home for a lifetime to come.

It offers the same benefits and look as our aluminum shake shingles but with the extra hail and storm resistance and walkable protection. 

It will not split, warp, mold or rot. It remains unaffected by the elements. 

As with all of our products, it is energy efficient. It keeps your attic cooler by 35%, which passes on a 20% savings in your utility bill.

kassel shake metal roof Shingle System

Available in 9 colors

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