Cool Metal Roofing is an on-line source of information. Choosing cool metal roofing systems are good for the environment and cost effective. This coalition is committed to promoting energy efficient metal roofing products whether you choose metal roofing shingles or metal roof panels, you can rest assured that the environment will thank you!

energy efficient metal roofing systems for your home in Dallas

In today's economy, cool metal roofing systems can give you the peace of mind that you are not only saving money, but helping the environment.

These metal roofing systems not only lower your home's energy costs, but they are 100% recyclable and will never wind up in a landfill.

They are lightweight and in most cases can be installed over your existing roof, which is also good for the environment.

Whether you choose metal roofing panels, metal roofing shingles, or steel shakes, you can rest assured you are making the best economical and environmentally friendly  decision for your home. We have done the research for you.

Metal Roofing shingles and panels for your home in Dallas and all of North Texas 

Superior Metal Products LLC is proud to offer our customers a large variety of cool energy efficient metal roofing options. 

We do not install "regular" composition (paper) shingle roofs. All of our talents are used to provide our customers with premium metal roofs. Metal roofing is a very specialized product and should only be installed by qualified companies. All of our work is done by our own crews. We never send strangers to our job sites.

Please take a moment to look at the different types of energy efficient metal roofing products we are proud to offer.


Metal roofing can achieve solar reflectance of over 70 percent. Reflected solar energy allows the roof surface to remain cooler, which means less heat is transferred into the building. That equals lower energy costs for you!​

Endless Metal Roofing Options